Denver Cyclones!  Take a look at this....... Most of the auditorium walls are up.  Each of these cement panels weighs about 55,000 pounds.  The panels you see here are 42 feet high.  The picture with the support bracing is the inside of the auditorium.  You can see the stage area.  It may look small in the photo, but in person it is huge.  Large enough to seat 500 people!  The sun rises over Denver! 

A Note From Superintendent Laures On Student Achievement

Check out Denver's Results on the Iowa School Report Card

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We are once again amazed by the level of excellence displayed by our students.  This chart represents student proficiency on the Iowa Assessments which were recently taken.  These proficiency levels are some of the highest in the state!  At Denver we take student achievement very seriously, as do our students, staff, parents, and community.  We should all be proud of this, but know we are not satisfied, and will keep striving to get even better.  It is a great day to be a Denver Cyclone!