Denver Community School District
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Mission Statement 
The Denver Community School District shall maintain a caring and safe environment conducive to producing lifelong learners and productive citizens in a changing society.

Vision Statements

  • We are truly heard, valued, and respected for who we are, what we know and what we do.
  • We are accountable for words, actions and learning, and are motivated to contribute to the growth of the whole.
  • We experience security, take risks, and assume ownership of personal and educational environments.
  • We honor individual learning/teaching styles and talents as we demonstrate progress, set meaningful goals and strive to achieve these goals.

District Athletic Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide a rigorous athletic program which complements and supports a challenging academic program by teaching students the value of hard work, to work well with a team, and to promote community as we build leaders.  We are in a constant pursuit to develop scholars and champions.


Belief Statements

  • We will encourage multiple sport participation.
  • We will teach discipline and time management.
  • We will develop leaders.
  • We will make character development a priority.
  • We will develop mutual respect and understanding for the sacrifices necessary to succeed in all aspects of life.
  • We will promote athletics as an extension of strong academics.
  • We will promote successful competitive opportunities.

Notice of Nondiscrimination

-- Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

-- Community and District Info

-- Allergy Policy

Contact Numbers:

Superintendent's Office - 319-984-6323         
520 Lincoln Street
Denver, IA 50622
Fax #: 319-984-5345

Elementary School - 319-984-5611
530 Lincoln Street
Denver, IA 50622
Fax: 319-984-5612

Middle School - 319-984-6041
540 Lincoln Street
Denver, IA 50622

High School - 319-984-5639
541 Eagle Street
Denver, IA 50622
Fax #: 319-984-5630

Cyclone Center
800 Longview St.
Denver, IS 50622

Administrators- Brad Laures (Superintendent), Paul Gebel (Secondary Principal), and Chris Ward (Elem Principal)